Our global consciousness creates new gods daily in a geometrical progression. Science proves being helpless in solving the challenges humanity faces today, political and social structures, any of those existing today, are not perfect and fail to serve people. While looking for the answers we tend more and more often to turn to non-scientific sources – spiritual, mystical, fantasy sources – whatever it takes for us to better understand the world and our existence. How do we keep our balance on a tight rope trying not to fall all the way down into the deep of no-return? How do we keep the sound mind in this Universe of
EVERYTHING and NOTHING at the same time? How do we break the code we are programmed with since the very beginning? We are being taught that we are nothing but primates who evolved from the apes… Our kids are being taught the same dogmas. Whatever. Maybe we do come from apes. But please be a different kind of an ape. Learn to see the truth and recognize the manipulation, think for yourself, do not be misled by those who want your ignorance, unquestionable and silent slavery.
Be a different ape… Cause you are HUMAN.

ALTER APES is a Ukrainian rock band from Kyiv. We play rock, pop-rock, post grunge, alternative. We haven’t gotten permanent band members at the moment but we are working on it. Our band today is “The House That Jack Built”, the creative “master mind” alliance working on our common goals of bringing our musical ideas to life. Currently we are working on a new release “Disconnected” (EP). With this release we declare: Stop being ignorant, wake up! SEE! HEAR! SPEAK UP! And this is our manifest. Time to evolve, time to think, time to change your life and time to alter the world.

This website is mainly our blog, containing contact information, technical rider and logos downloads. Stay tuned!
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